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Suite in G Major (BWV 1007)

Suite in G Major (BWV 1007)

The latest poster series from Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina takes twenty-seven songs, from the likes of David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, Elvis Presley and Mozart, and transforms them into cartoon buildings. The series, entitled “Archimusic,” combines the music and lyrics of each song with the artwork featured on the original single and album covers, creating a series of fantasy designs that feature stacked shipping containers, towering chimneys and sculptural staircases.

“I do not have a favorite kind of music – I think there is always a perfect kind of music for an exact time,” said Babina. “I chose types of music and musicians very different from each other. Each has its own peculiarities. The idea was to tell a story starting from the soundtrack, listen to the music and imagine the shapes hidden behind it. The parallels between architecture and music are diverse and extraordinary. They have a common mathematical order which regulates the forms and the rhythm.”

Babina previously worked on a similar project named “Archist,” transforming the works of famous artists into buildings. With Archimusic, the process becomes less literal, as the illustrator created shapes based on the mood and feelings created by each song. “Archist has been a figurative process, while Archimusic is more intangible and abstract,” he said. “It is based on feelings and emotions that only the music is able to awaken. Use your ears instead of eyes to conceive shapes.”

– Dezeen

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