Are you trying to find details regarding Best CCTV Cameras Shop

Is it important for you to get the appropriate information regarding Best CCTV Cameras Shop?

Do you wish to get details concerning Best CCTV Cameras Shop?

How to choose the Right CCTV cameras in 2020 !!A beginners Guide to choose Best CCTV security system


If you’ve ever browsed through CCTV surveillance camera brochures with their dozens of options, product shots, specifications and varying prices, you may have been tempted to slap it shut and leave upgrading your security system for another day.

The vast array of CCTV surveillance cameras and recorders on the market can be daunting, making it difficult to decide which system would be best suited to your home  environment.

We’ve unpacked some of the basics of CCTV surveillance cameras to shed light on ten factors to consider before investing in a security camera system.

1. Cheap is expensive

Try to buy the best value for money CCTV surveillance camera system within your personal or business budget. It’s always wiser to invest in a good quality, small, entry level system that allows you to add more cameras later on, than to rush out and buy an unbranded cheap camera, that could lead to buyer’s remorse.

A reputable security company will be able to offer you a range of camera and recorder options made by reliable manufacturers, including brands such as Hikivision, Axis, Sunell, Secequip, Visionline, Dahua, Samsung and Honeywell.

2. Check the warranty

Some small retailers selling unbranded cameras may only offer a statutory six month product guarantee at best, which you might find yourself fighting for, if the camera fails within that time frame. A reputable security company will sell CCTV surveillance cameras with a warranty of up to three years and offer either a self-install option, or a professional installation service.

3. Understand basic camera capabilities

When selecting CCTV cameras it’s important to consider lens size, wide angle degree and memory for data storage. For every millimetre of lens size, the rule of thumb is that this is how far away in meters the camera will be able to view its subject (focal length). The degree of a wide angle lens will determine the field of vision and shorten the focal length as the angle gets wider.

For example a basic 60 degree wide angle, 4 mm lens will effectively identify a human target at up to 4 meters, but it will not have enough range to view the neighbour’s property to the left or right. As the lens size increases the field of vision to the left and right will decrease, while the range at which a human target can be identified will increase.

Cameras come with a range of data storage sizes from 1TB. The storage capacity can be increased by additional hard drives, or network attached storage devices to an unlimited capacity.

4. Clarify camera type

There are three types of CCTV surveillance cameras on the market, from the most affordable entry level analogue cameras to High Definition (HD) and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras at the top end of the market. Fortunately, camera prices have dropped significantly with the advance of technology. This has brought entry level HD and IP cameras into the realm of the home and small to medium sized business budget.

5. Comparing Analogue, HD or IP cameras

Deciding whether to buy more affordable entry level analogue cameras, or if you should go with HD or IP cameras instead, depends on the quality of the image you desire and your present and long term security needs. A basic analogue camera offers a low resolution image suitable for detection of people and to monitor areas. An HD camera provides a crisp high resolution image suitable for identifying numbers and characters, or for evidential recording for legal purposes.

A higher resolution offers a far more enhanced picture, which makes it possible to zoom in digitally and retain image quality to identify subjects and details such as vehicle number plates. The benefit of zooming in is that this intelligence can be shared with police investigators and security companies.

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