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The Leipzig company Eventfilm is producing a cartoon about the musical training and everyday living conditions experienced by Bach’s students at St. Thomas Church. The twenty-five minute long film Singen, Beten, Halleluja, created by comicstrip artist André Martini, will be funny and entertaining as well as ambitious and informative. Martini devoted more than two years of research to prepare for it, and a first impression is available here. Plans for a feature-length version of the film are underway as well.

The filmmaker is seeking collective financing by numerous individual donors. The web page www.startnext.de/totenmesse contains information about the project and how to support it.

The project needs to attract as many supporters as possible by Tuesday, 31 July 2012. With a donation as small as 1-€, anyone can become a supporter and vote for the film. (Note that only the votes of paying supporters count, not the number of votes by fans!) A minimum of 4,500-€ must be collected by 31 August 2012 before any funding can be awarded to the project.

Bach-Archiv Leipzig